What’s 6162 mean?

Glad you asked! Our founder, Michael Sharon grew up in South Denver at 6162 S Kearney Street, where he found his passion for filmmaking. At age 13, he embarked on making his first movie - about spies. He shot the whole 50-minute epic on an old camcorder, rewinding the tape every time there was a flub on-set.

Needless to say, Michael fell in love with telling stories through video and the rest is history. 6162 is a reminder of those humble beginnings, fueling his desire to make every project just as special as the first time he hit record.

Our team


Michael Sharon Founder + Creative Visionary

Born and raised in Denver, Michael has had a passion for storytelling his entire life. For over a decade, Michael has been working professionally in the communications and video industry. He has a Bachelor's Degree in Film/Video Production from Regis University in conjunction with CFS. Michael’s work has been featured on a national scale and been the recipient of numerous awards in the field.

Since moving to Seattle in 2016, Michael has continued to specialize in concept development, video production, and digital media for public and nonprofit organizations creating emotive content to enable their missions.


Frazer Lockhart Cinematography Mastermind

Frazer has been working as a cinematographer with clients all over the world for over nine years. He has a Bachelor of Arts in Film Studies and Production from the University of Denver. He specializes in commercial and documentary production with his work being showcased internationally.

Frazer is a four-time Telly Award winner for producing outstanding online video content. He's worked with large brands to nonprofits but every project revolves around his passion for storytelling and creating the best possible imagery. He's been working with 6162 for the last five years and he's an invaluable member of our team.


Dana Rommerdahl Head of Impact + Master Networker

Dana's background runs the gamut of social impact from communications and high-level strategic planning to affordable housing development and city planning. Throughout her work, she brings a vigorous passion for authentic engagement and a results-oriented approach. Dana is motivated by the opportunity to help clients execute their missions more successfully.

Dana graduated Cum Laude from the University of Pennsylvania with a degree in Urban Studies. She enjoys seeking out great restaurants, quality time with her husband and fur baby, as well as exploring her new Seattle stomping grounds.


Sean Jones Post-production Guru

Sean’s post-production career began nearly two decades ago when he was the Senior Editor at a global agency. He helped create Super Bowl commercials to HBO film trailers to Universal Orlando Resort content. In 2014, he moved to Denver to work on projects for Warner Brothers,, Best Buy, and many other large brands.

Since beginning his collaborative relationship with 6162 Productions, Sean has designed 2D and 3D animated projects as well as edited together compelling human stories for social media and fundraising events.