Service Offerings



Service 1: High-Level Communications Audit

Recommendations document and support materials in template form including the following are areas of focus:

  • Digital communications
  • Marketing and Communications 
  • Brand & visual assets 
  • Messaging strategy and guidelines

Service 2: Comprehensive Planning

Customized deliverables to align with your organization’s current strategic planning to include:

  • Tactical editorial calendar
  • Paid social and advertising strategy
  • Social media guidelines and best practices
  • Website discovery and SEO optimization 
  • Metrics for evaluation and template for analysis
  • Provisional budget for marketing systems 
  • Target audience analysis
  • Strategic messaging around mission and programs

Service 3: Content Development

Planning documents for implementing video, photo, and other media. The following are areas of focus:

  • Establishing media deliverables necessary for each marketing campaign throughout the year
  • Developing scripts, storyboards, shot lists for video
  • Identifying stories within the organization 
  • Curating articles and other materials to use in social media and blog posts

Content Creation

Service 1: Video Production

Story-based emotive content for use on website, social media, TV, and events. The following are areas of focus:

  • Cinematic, high-quality production
  • Post-production services to repurpose footage into a variety of deliverables 
  • Animated content for explainer videos, program updates, and other relevant usage

Service 2: Web-based Deliverables

Customized content to help build your online presence. The following are areas of focus:

  • Copy writing for website, email campaigns, and social media
  • Visual and creative direction for branding 
  • Customized blog and video posts 



Digital Media

Service 1: Management Solutions

Coaching support, strategic advice, and execution of your organization’s digital media. The following are areas of focus:

  • Meetings to review strategies and templates. 
  • Managing social media channels and email marketing campaigns
  • Monthly check-in meetings with the client
  • Weekly content sharing and promotion

Service 2: Paid Advertising

Customized content to help build your online presence. The following are areas of focus:

  • Amplifying social media reach above organic content sharing
  • Targeted promotion to oriented toward client’s ideal market
  • Re-marketing utilization to keep target audience engaged regularly 
  • Television and radio ad-buy management