The Secret Formula for Creating Successful Nonprofit Videos

It’s no secret that video is quickly becoming the most prominent form of communication on the internet. In fact, a recent report by Cisco predicts that by 2021, ONE MILLION minutes of video content will cross the network per second!

Non-profits can, and should, capitalize on this trend when it comes to fundraising videos. Story-driven content is an incredibly effective way to compel your audience without bogging them down with too many facts or statistics. Here’s a general outline that will help maximize viewer impact by creating cogent, engaging content.

Start your video with the “problem”

Every famous Hollywood movie has one thing in common: CONFLICT. When you have a clear goal but there are obstacles in your way, the struggle to overcome these obstacles is known as conflict. Start your video with your organization’s unique “problem”. Maybe you encountered a lot of resistance when trying to launch your non-profit. A client might discuss hardships she encountered before finding your organization. This helps draw the audience into your story and encourages them to empathize with your mission.

Introduce the “solution”

As with every great heroic quest, your narrative should illustrate overcoming obstacles. Explain how you addressed resistance to successfully launch your organization, or how your client discovered your organization and the positive impact it started to have on his life.

Service area overview

After you’ve drawn in your audience, briefly introduce your organization’s service areas. This could be done through a montage or quick animation. Figure out the best (and most efficient) way to establish credibility with your audience. This is the moment for any key statistics, facts, historical events, or awards you might want to include.

Call to action

You’ve hooked your audience with a compelling story and established credibility in your service areas. Now’s the time to reach out with your call to action. Have a client or member of the leadership team discuss the importance of donations and awareness. This is the time to drive home the viewer’s importance to the mission of the company.

Donations are a critical component of the success of any non-profit. Creating a compelling video that will engage your audience is a great way to deliver a powerful call to action and reinforce the enduring impact of your organization. Want an example? We recently worked with The Women’s Foundation of Colorado to create a client-story format that also introduced the organization and its mission.

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